Apprentice with the best. They'll hold nothing back.


Steve Young


Originating from Scotland, and immersed in electronic music for more than two decades, Steve Young (aka Hedflux) has toured extensively, and graced the stages of some of the world’s premier psychedelic festivals.

His gifts cover a whole spectrum of topics such as creativity, mindset, music business, harmonic theory, and the role of music/musicians within a broader scientific, cultural, and spiritual context.

He has developed a new and groundbreaking creative process that integrates all his musical knowledge & experience to date.

The result is a fast and efficient workflow that enables the creation of rich, detailed, high-quality, multi-faceted electronic music of any style or genre.

This approach knows no bounds. This is Audio Alchemy.

Tyler Gibson


Tyler is one-half of the futuristic world-electronic duo, 'Birds of Paradise' in addition to his solo project 'Gibson'. With over a decade of producing, his creations are masterful in quality and vision.

His music is capable of enhancing and creating psychedelic states and effortlessly guiding the mind and soul through space and time.

His music features dynamic voyages that spin us through the cosmos. Experimental, and pulling ideas and techniques from many genres, the production quality of the individual sounds is something special, drawing listeners in with compellingly beautiful and mysterious tones.

Wizard music for the 21st Century, it conjures images of ancient rites and dire space battles. Added narrative and ambitious melodies will carry these atmospheric beats to new levels.

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Andy Freist


Andy is a DJ, producer, event creator and digital marketer based on the Big Island, Hawaii. His mission is to utilize the power of sound to shift our world story into a harmonious and resonant consciously created reality.

He believes that the best way forward for our species is to cultivate a strong and tight crew of audio alchemists who view and craft music as medicine.

Through our solidarity, we have to power to inspire an incredible new world beyond our wildest dreams.

And this is exactly why he is the co-producer (along side Hedflux) of the Audio Alchemy Retreat.

"The Audio Alchemy Retreat inspired me to dream LARGER, to want more for myself, and has given me the drive to push my music and business to the next level, every day.

The wisdom gained goes beyond just production tricks and tips. It's MUCH deeper than that. It's the nature of sound, frequencies, artist strategies, community, alchemy, magic and more! "

Dustan Harrington // Kona, HI

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